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Seeley Lake, MT

The Buckle | Winter Denim Campaign, Montana 

Buckle is a clothing brand best known for their denim and trend-conscious fashions, with an extra emphasis on client experience and care. What I love about Buckle is that campaigns go beyond fashion, creating a whole ecosystem for each campaign, including food, which is how I found myself at a remote camp in Montana with a huge team of photographers, models, and professionals. What an incredible experience, having the opportunity to tell such a thought out brand story with food and fashion! 


The Buckle | Summer Denim Campaign, Arizona

Six months after my first shoot I was tagged for a second, this time in sunny Arizona. The boho vibe of our water-side picnic brought the customer, their style, and their lifestyle into crystal-clear focus. It was amazing to play with the hard, Arizona light to create bold, modern images for the campaign. I mean, look at these photos! Isn’t that somewhere you want to be?


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