Knowlton House Distillery

Commercial & lifestyle beverage photography, brand narrative, advertising design 
Midwest, traditional, quality-driven, innovative, approachable/laid-back, earthy
Mosinee, WI

Knowlton House Distillery | TenHead Product Line

An up and coming distillery in the heart of Wisconsin, Knowlton House is taking their family owned business of cheese making to the next level – using milk sugars (a byproduct of their process) as the foundation for their distilling. This will make them one of just a handful of other distillers around the world to do so. We had the opportunity to highlight their debut product line, TenHead, a collection of brilliantly crafted vodka, gin, and whiskey, with lifestyle photography featuring traditional cocktails and the family farm. Our in-house design team also collaborated with Knowlton House to kickstart their advertising.


Knowlton House | Jena Carlin Creative In-House Design | Billboard


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