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Martha Stewart | Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

This late winter/early spring portfolio shoot was inspired by a collection of props. I had been wanting to use the blue enamelware and tarnished silver dishes all winter, and finally the right idea came to mind - Easter!  I used red cabbage and masking techniques to naturally dye the eggs, and the whole look really came together. 


Martha Stewart | Hot Cocoa Bar

I have a big crafty side, so when food stylist Jim Rude and I were hired by Martha Stewart to create a shoot around hosting a hot cocoa party, we went all out! Homemade hot cocoa mix, flavored syrups, and squishy marshmallows found a home in a rustic DIY setup with flannel mug cozies. The festive atmosphere was right at home on, among other great ideas from the queen of party planning!


Martha Stewart | Vintage Circus Birthday Party

This birthday shoot took place before and during an actual birthday party for my elder son, Austin. Like any mom, I love to celebrate my boys and capture special moments, and when you’re a photographer that means styling the whole thing so the memories are picture perfect. We had a blast with our old-timey circus theme including a homemade can toss game and many tasty treats. Both the craft and the party setup were featured on


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