Commercial beverage photography, motion, art direction, prop and beverage styling, and illustration/design concepts
Elevated, Fresh, Adventurous, Bold, Elegant
Milwaukee, WI and Auburndale, WI

Press | Premium Seltzer Product Line

Eight inventive flavors from Pomegranate Ginger to Grapefruit Cardamom gave us the opportunity to shoot a market’s worth of fresh ingredients alongside beautiful glassware filled with Press Premium Alcoholic Seltzer. Evocative garnishes and a moody atmosphere gave this hometown brand the sophisticated and elevated look they desired. And the cherry on the cocktail was energizing each hero shot with splash photography. Two and a half days later the studio floor was mopped clean and we had enough Press left to toast to the coming summer.


Press | Jena Carlin Creative In-House Design Concepts | Posters and Social Ads


Press | CEO Portraits

Amy, the CEO of Press Seltzer, hired me to take some artsy, sophisticated business headshots when she was first marketing her new seltzer product. At the time, the category was unestablished and she wanted to present herself as a leader and CEO worthy of their spot in the beverage industry. The half day of headshots was a ton of fun, and a new relationship was built. Now the only female CEO in the Top 10 brands of the buzzing seltzer industry, Amy’s headshots reflect the greatness we knew was there from the start!


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