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Sift Magazine | Photographing Food Feature

Sift Magazine, a publication of King Arthur Flour, tagged me for a feature on food photography. I had worked for them off and on, and I was honored to be interviewed. It was also a great opportunity to showcase some of my favorite food images, including those I had shot with King Arthur Flour.


Sift Magazine | Fan Food

Environmental lifestyle photography is at its peak at a parking lot tailgate party. It was a happy challenge to capture the fun and energy of this gathering along with the amazing pre-game recipes we all love.  


Sift Magazine | Sandwich Cities

In this series on sandwiches associated with American cities, food stylist Jim Rude and I got to explore a nearby-favorite: the Chicago-Style Italian Beef Sandwich. Showcasing the famous Italian sandwich roll and the mouthwatering peppers and veggies made for a super shoot. 


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